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CorelDRAW X8

CorelDRAW X8 is a powerful graphics application 27 years in the making. This course covers the essential tools and techniques that designers and digital artists need to use CorelDRAW with confidence.

With an exploration of the interface and touches on the major players in the toolbox: the Pick, Shape, Crop, Curve, and Interactive tools. Then, once you know how to draw simple lines and shapes, he shows how to group, copy, and adjust objects on your document page. Plus, learn about working with text, using the new Font Manager and the extensive library of fonts in CorelDRAW, adding and editing images, automating tasks with scripts and macros, creating color palettes, and preparing your CorelDRAW projects for print. Customizing the CorelDRAW interface to be more productive and create your designs in fewer steps.

Topics Include:

  • Locating the toolbar and toolbox
  • Understanding dockers
  • Using rulers, grids, and guidelines
  • Starting with a template
  • Using the tools: Shape, Crop, Curve, and many more
  • Working with fonts
  • Manipulating objects
  • Importing and editing bitmap images
  • Being more productive with scripts and macros
  • Creating color palettes
  • Printing CorelDRAW projects