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MicroStation V8i

With MicroStation, you can easily view, model, document, and visualize projects of any size or complexity. Use MicroStation to deliver projects smarter. With proven MicroStation technology, you can confidently take on any design, construction, or operations project. No matter what design information you are working with or what kind of deliverables are required, you can rely on MicroStation’s flexibility and power to get the job done on time and on budget.

The MicroStation family of products provide the power and versatility to precisely view, model, document, and visualize information-rich 2D and 3D designs of all types and scales for professionals in every discipline on infrastructure projects of every type

In this course we will take you through an introduction to the powerful tools available in this high-end CAD software program. Using unique training methods, we will ensure you retain what you learn. Starting with the basics, you will leverage the tools that this world class program has to offer. Instructor starts you off at the beginning, taking you through opening and saving new documents, discovering the different views, and understanding what elements are and how to control them. You quickly move into understanding AccuDraw, the most important element of MicroStation, and all the tools that come with that. You will learn how to create shapes, scale, rotate, and even work with annotations and text. Course finishes off with instructions for plotting and printing your completed designs. By the end of this course, you will be fully versed in the application of the basic tools of MicroStation, allowing you to create 2D CAD designs.

Topics Include:

  • Getting Started With Microstation
  • Startup And Interface Screen
  • Mice, Tools, And Elements
  • Selecting Elements
  • Snaps, Tentative Points, And AccuSnap
  • Design Plane, Working Units, And Dimension Input
  • AccuDraw
  • Absolute Coordinates And Grids
  • Polygons Arcs And Ellipses
  • Smartline
  • Element Symbology
  • Advanced Element Selection
  • The Manipulate Tool Box
  • The Modify Tool Box
  • Measuring Elements
  • Annotation
  • Dimensioning
  • Plotting And Printing